about us

Some foods are good for you, while other foods taste great. In some foods, however, there is both nutrition and great taste. This is the taste of Shalimar. Named after a gift of love (the Shalimar Gardens of Pakistan and India), we brought an exotic taste to Nashville - one that you've helped us preserve since 1990.

Shalimar Gardens - Lahore, Pakistan

 Shalimar began its mission to bring healthy, yet delicious food to Nashville before the health craze started. In the Indian subcontinent, food is consumed for the nutrition it brings - not for how fast it can be prepared. In fact, many of our dishes require patience and delicate handling. A variety of authentic herbs and spices are used in all of Shalimar's dishes, from turmeric (which has cancer-blocking, anti-tumor/anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects) to cardamom (which improves digestion and metabolism). 

At Shalimar, we strive for authenticity while catering for a local palate. This means offering authentic cuisine without compromising on ingredients, while making sure diners have a say in how their order is prepared. Our approach has led to hundreds of satisfied regular customers as well as multiple awards from the Nashville Scene, LocalEats, and The Tennessean (to name a few) - and we hope to add you to that growing number of satisfied diners.